New things 22 to 27 Seaside Holiday

Apparently I refuse to not finish the thing that no one (including myself) is that bothered about. If anything six months of trying new things convinced me that unless you are on some kind of round the world trip it’s actually more fun doing the things you already enjoy more often.

But anyway…

New thing 22 : Scarborough Tram

£1 to save carrying a toddler up way too many steps to our hotel


Sharing a tram with a man who genuinely thought the council swept the beach each night to smooth out yesterday’s sand castles (even though they didn’t bother emptying the bins)

also 10/10

New thing 23 : Scarborough Big Wheel

£12 to queue up and get a view only slightly better than the £1 tram


New thing 24 : Scary fire engine boat

With three speeds and a very small lake to navigate it isn’t technically scary, but any kind of boat / water situation where I am the only adult in charge of a toddler makes me disproportionately anxious.

This was at the little park by Scarborough Open Air Theatre so probably a less intimidating option than pedalling a Swan around Peasholme Park next door and also less effort so 5/10 from me but probably 10/10 from Emily.

New thing 24 : Little Steam Train

A cute little 1930s steam train saving me carrying a small person and all her newly acquired toys for 1 mile between Sea Life Centre and Peasholm Park. 10/10

New thing 25 : Ask Scarborough

I know I’m scraping the barrel when I throw Ask Italian in…but it is the 30th December and there are slim pickings for ‘new things’ to do in one day so it’s going in.

As far as Ask restaurants go I think this is a good one with outdoor seating across the harbour.

Unless you are afraid of seagulls then I imagine this is the worst.

We had a good time as Emily made friends with some little Peppa Pig enthusiasts on the next table, however this obviously wasn’t thanks to Ask itself.

We are however fans of the shot glasses of pink lemonade they always seem to give you, so thank you Ask for that.

7 / 10 for Ask Scarborough as it was nice but I preferred Winking Willie’s for fish and chips across the road, which also has views across the harbour but as I’ve been a few times is technically not allowed a number on the list (but I think is allowed photos).

New thing 26 : Scarborough Fair Collection (do not go)

I like this photo but it is the exact opposite of the actual experience. Not just because motion sickness means I have to keep my eyes closed the entire ride…but because the museum was generally a child hating 1980s relic.

I think what happened was a retired rich man liked old things so filled a massive shed with vintage rides and vehicles. But he (and I’ll assume he is a he) liked showing off his toys rather than sharing them so spent the rest of his days on Print Artist making little signs to laminate asking people ‘not to touch’ or to ‘stand behind the line’ or ‘obey the one way system’.

This would have been fine if the website made it clear that they basically hate children and want this to be a weird time capsule for people who were children in the 1950s (and would like to avoid anyone born after that). However it is described as a family friendly place.

We also made the mistake of having lunch there, which took a painful amount of time as they were making all the lunches fresh within site of the counter but for some reason then meticulously wrapping each plate in cling film before it was allowed to the table…at which point it was carried over by a waitress who looked to be in her late 80s. Admittedly she seemed to be having a good time but it did put a bit of a delay on things and none of the other staff wanted to help her so she was running the show.

A very strange experience but a nice carousel 2/10.

New thing 27 : Filey Brigg Country Park

Cheap parking and a little playground with a coffee shop at the top of the cliff with a nice little beach at the bottom. All good for us 10/10

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